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Photo First Last Email Phone Location
Byram Carpenter 318-424-9160 Shreveport
Bryan Willis 318-424-9160 Shreveport
Dianne Curry Operations Manager 318-227-4814 Shreveport
Photo First Last Email Phone Location
Doc Moore 318-227-4812 Shreveport
Clay Teague 318-227-4837 Shreveport
doug_rogers_01 Doug Rogers 318-742-4308 Bossier
Jacob Stewart 318-227-4849 Shreveport
Jay Garcia 318-227-4827 Shreveport
jeff_dickerson_02 Jeff Dickerson 318-227-4834 Shreveport
Jeff Zeagler 318-227-4824 Shreveport
Larry Smith 318-227-4817 Shreveport
linda_burge Linda Burge 318-227-4826 Shreveport
Seth Thomas 318-227-4854 Shreveport
Steve Maxwell 318-227-4840 Shreveport
Brian Dayton 318-605-3311 Monroe
Vickie Dayton 318-605-3311 Monroe
Christina Campbell 318-605-3311 Monroe
Rhonda Wade 318-388-4080 Monroe
Michael Brewton 318-251-2930 Ruston
Stephen Maxwell 318-227-4844 Shreveport
James “Buddy” Maxwell 318-227-4840 Shreveport
Elliot_Maples Elliot Maples 318-227-4819 Shreveport
mauricio_roca_01 Se Habla Español Click Here for more information Mauricio Roca 318-227-4852 Shreveport
jordan_smith  Jordan Smith 318-227-4836 Shreveport
Andy Vaughan Andy Vaughan 318-397-7767 West Monroe
Photo First Last Email Phone Location
Connie Turner CSR Supervisor 318-227-4816 Shreveport
Cherryl Thomas 318-227-4846 Shreveport
Brittany Green 318-398-7781 Monroe
Rachel Rimmer 318-742-4303 Bossier City
Edna Grimsley 318-2274815 Shreveport
Melissa Arnold 318-227-4842 Shreveport
Michelle Evans 318-227-4811 Shreveport
Sara Piro 318-227-4832 Shreveport
Vickie Brittain 318-227-4860 Shreveport
Amy Dayton Crawford 318-605-3311 Monroe
Lauren Wade 318-388-4080 Monroe
Shavon Parette 318-251-2930 Ruston
Minnie Rogers 318-742-4343 Bossier
melissa_dupree_01 Melissa Dupree 318-227-4839 Shreveport
melissa_goodman Melissa Goodman 318-227-4853 Shreveport
ami_edwards Ami Edwards 318-227-4820 Shreveport
bobbie_smarr Bobbie Smarr 318-227-4813 Shreveport
Alanea Ezernack 318-227-4822 Shreveport
Briana Peet 318-227-4816 Shreveport
Support Staff
Photo First Last Email Phone Location
Callie Taylor Callie Taylor Client Services and Safety Coordinator 318-227-4825 Shreveport
Salley Bardwell Marketing Manager 318-227-4847 Shreveport
Fabiola Flores Receptionist 318-227-4845 or 424-9160 Shreveport
Brandy Long Brandy Watts Claims 318-227-4829 Shreveport
alison_taylor Alison Taylor Accounting Assistant 318-227-4850 Shreveport
Photo First Last Email Phone Location
J. Garcia 318-227-4831 Shreveport
Carly Queen Carly Queen Assistant 318-227-4831 Shreveport
aaron_watson Aaron Watson Producer 318-227-4851 Shreveport
Personal Lines
Photo First Last Email Phone Location
matt_keifer Matt Keifer Agent 318-227-4855 Shreveport
rochelle-web Rochelle Hataway Assistant 318-227-4856 Shreveport